Practise law your own way with My Business Counsel

Here at My Business Counsel, we love practising law.

We've just found a better way to do it.

My Business Counsel is our response to the systematic flaws of traditional private practice. Rather than spending our time on trying to fix widely embedded problems, we devoted ourselves to re-thinking the traditional model. Why have we all been taught that the highest aspiration we could have is becoming a partner? Why do we so readily accept excessively long working hours and incredibly high billing targets? Why do we think this is the only way?

We were faced with a choice, the same choice you are also faced with. We could either continue or choose the better way. We chose to practise law our way and have not looked back since 2011. And the door is wide open for you to join us and take back the reins of your career, success and personal life.

Better for who? Better for you. This is law your way.

My Business Counsel has plans to become the leading authority for change in the legal industry. We are now close to 50 lawyers and expanding rapidly, with recognised rankings by Chambers and soon to be Legal 500. We are growing and expanding, and looking for more lawyers who want to take back the reins over their careers and personal lives. My Business Counsel is perfect for you if you wish to drive your career to another level free from the partnership politics, career development constraints and restricted work/life balance.

With offices in London and Birmingham, a dedicated centralised support team, a bespoke cloud based platform tailored to your needs and a strong support network of fellow lawyers, now is the time to join My Business Counsel as a Consultant Solicitor. This is law your way.

Where we are now.


This is the time to leave private practice behind.

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