Frequently Asked Questions

Should I set up a limited company?

This is entirely up to you. From a tax perspective it is certainly more tax efficient to bill My Business Counsel for your consultancy fees via a limited company. However, we suggest that you take separate tax advice in respect of this.

How would I contact the support team if I want to set up a new client, or send out an invoice?

My Business Counsel has developed an online tool called MBC Link, which can be accessed from both a computer and a smartphone. MBC Link is what we use to bridge the gap between you and us back at central office. From MBC Link you will be able to complete a Support Request selecting one of the options for support.

If you wish to set up a new client, then you would select ‘New Client Set-Up’. By completing this ticket and pressing send, this generates a support ticket which is then used to undertake the requirements of that ticket. You can monitor the progress of your request on a dashboard, or pick up the phone to the MBC Support Team.

You will be kept fully informed via the MBC Link communication page with any questions or queries, and notices of completion.

When do you pay me, and what is the process?

Upon full receipt of funds from the client for the MBC invoice an email will be issued to notify you when the bill sum has cleared in our account and to request submission of your consultancy fees invoice. This invoice can be sent from you direct, or from your limited company.

Your corresponding consultancy fees invoice must then be sent to our Support Team via a ticket request on MBC Link. Your invoice must outline the fees payable by MBC in respect of work completed and be calculated in accordance with the agreed percentage split. Payment of consultancy fees are made on the second and last Thursday of each month.

Consultancy fees must be received by the MBC Support Team on or before the immediately preceding Tuesday to ensure that your invoice is paid on the given two aforementioned dates. If the deadline is missed, your invoice will be included in the following payment run.

What is the fee split?

You can find this information in the 'Remuneration' section of our 'Working with us' page.

What practice areas do you prefer?

Our target is the High Net Worth and Business market. If your specialism is mainly domestic consumer, such as PI, immigration or criminator conveyancing, we will be unable to recruit you.

What is the recruitment process?

Once we receive the completed form, our Careers Development Team will assess your suitability to join My Business Counsel and respond to you with any comments or additional questions, or arrange a telephone call to discuss your application further.

I have active client matters and need to move quickly, is that possible?

Yes certainly, please complete the form on the Join Us page including as much detail as possible. A member of our Careers Development team will then respond and guide you on how best to proceed. We have a staged enrolment process, with one aspect dedicated to transfer of clients. This process has been agreed with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

How do I know if this move is right for me?

Only you will know that, but we are available for any advice that you may require. We could also arrange for you to talk to some of our lawyers that have already made the move.

Please certainly use the ‘Earning Potential’ calculator to work out whether you can make this move work for you from a financial perspective.

I want to join as a Consultant Solicitor, what should I do next?

Now that you have decided that you wish to exit private practice and join My Business Counsel, the first stage is to send your application to our Careers Development Team. You can do that in two ways:

1) On our Join Us page

2) On our LinkedIn page

Complete the form on the Join Us page attaching your CV and await to hear from our Careers Development Team.