Our Lawyers.

We could tell you why we think it's great to work with us,

but we thought we'd let our lawyers speak for themselves.

"If you enjoy the daily commute, the office politics and hours of your precious life expended on compliance then stay right where you are. If, however, you are fed-up with those things and you wish you had more time for yourself, your family and your friends (and, indeed, your clients) then pick up the telephone and call My Business Counsel today. Now. Another world exists."

- David Carr, Consultant Solicitor at My Business Counsel

This Month's Spotlight Story.

Nisha Bharadwa
Duncan Gillespie
Emma Caldwell

Emma Caldwell

Joined in December 2016, previously a Corporate Solicitor

Rasneet Sohal
Amit Sharma
I had young kids and really wanted to find a way to have some more flexibility in my work so that I was able to be there for them as well as continuing to work as a corporate lawyer. Leaving the profession completely wasn't something I wanted to do and there isn't really such a thing as a part time corporate lawyer in a "normal" law firm. Even if in theory you only work 3 or 4 days, it's not possible to just walk away from a deal on a Thursday and not look at it again until Monday. That's not how it works. Becoming a consultant where I could set my own hours seemed to be a way I could find this balance.
The amount of time wasted every day in marketing meetings, fee earners' meetings, partners' meetings, WIP meetings, unpaid debtors meetings etc etc.
Busy! But in a good way. I haven't missed any of my kids' events at school, have been able to help out on day trips etc which I could never do before, but I'm also getting to do some brilliant work and dealing with really nice people.
They had no problem at all with it. A lot of my clients are entrepreneurial types who have set up their own businesses so they understand.
100% being in control of your own time a lot more. I would never go back to private practice now.
Really good - way more efficient and responsive than I've ever had before!
Great - a large proportion of my work has come from other My Business Counsel lawyers recommending me to their clients and contacts.
You need to be self-motivated and disciplined for sure.
I would definitely advise anyone who is thinking about it, to just give it a try.