Law made personal.

At My Business Counsel, we believe in authenticity and thinking outside the box. Just as every client and their situation is unique, your life and career goals as a lawyer are completely different to those of other solicitors.

We have done away with targets, micromanagement and office-bound work and politics. Instead, we give you freedom to build your career in the way that makes sense to you.

This is law your way.


My Business Counsel offers a highly rewarding remuneration structure. We have one remuneration structure that applies to everyone, regardless as to experience, gender, terms of service or fee level generation. Our goal is to promote fairness and equality in the legal profession, hence why an attractive fee share is offered, as well as an additional financial reward to those lawyers that refer work to other My Business colleagues.

My Business Counsel has the following remuneration structure for all of its lawyers:


For work undertaken by you for a client that you have brought into the firm. Your client remains your client at all times.


For work undertaken by you for a client that is referred to you by My Business Counsel or a colleague.


For work undertaken by a colleague for a client that you have brought into the firm.

Our Technology

My Business Counsel has invested considerably in its IT infrastructure to ensure that its legal team are able to work comfortably from wherever they wish. Everything from accessing our hosted desktop for all the usual software applications and case management system, to the bespoke MBC Link system that connects the business support team to all its fee earners for all administrative tasks.

MBC Link Logo
MBC Link on Mobile
MBC Link on Mobile

Instructing the MBC Support team has never been easier with our bespoke communication platform, MBC Link. Our simple and straightforward ticketing system will have your request with our support team within minutes, and they will get to work right away.

The support team is able to take care of all administration requirements of the firm and its lawyers, including client and matter setups, invoicing, client account banking, as well as marketing.

Networking & Social

My Business Counsel is a busy practice, and despite our lawyers working hard at business development and their own fee earning work, we certainly make time to get together every few months for a networking afternoon. These networking afternoons are held at the Hilton Skylounge in London and offer the legal team an opportunity to meet other colleagues as well as have a break from their work for a few hours.

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Networking 3

MBC Support Team

My Business Counsel lawyers are fully supported by an experienced team of business support professionals that provide an exceptional level of support. The MBC Support Team are based in Birmingham and are integral to the functioning of My Business Counsel, as well as handling all compliance administration, invoicing and matter administration.

The MBC Support Team use the MBC Link system to ensure that all lawyer requests for support are acknowledged and handled as efficiently as possible

Marketing & Business Development

My Business Counsel’s marketing and business development efforts are echoed by the fact that competition continues to grow in the legal industry. However, clients are more and more warming to working with alternative dispersed practices such as My Business Counsel. When a new lawyer joins the team, our Marketing team will work with the lawyer to have a business development session to understand what the lawyer wishes to achieve in terms of marketing and what the target client base is for his/her work.

At My Business Counsel marketing and business development support includes drafting your website profile, updating your LinkedIn profile, legal directory submissions where possible and understanding your marketing goals.